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Re: Ponting?

Which one?




THE SLEEPING BAG Herbert George Ponting

On the outside grows the furside. On the inside grows the skinside.

So the furside is the outside and the skinside is the inside.

As the skinside is the inside (and the furside is the outside)

One ‘side’ likes the skinside inside and the furside on the outside.

Others like the skinside outside and the furside on the inside

As the skinside is the hard side and the furside is the soft side.

If you turn the skinside outside, thinking you will side with that ‘side’,

Then the soft side furside’s inside, which some argue is thewrong side.

If you turn the furside outside – as you say, it grows on that side,

Then your outside’s next the skinside, which for comfort’snot the right side.

For the skinside is the cold side and your outside’s notyour warm side

And the two cold sides coming side-by-side are notthe right sides one ‘side’ decides.

If you decide to side with that ‘side’, turn the outside furside inside

Then the hard side, cold side, skinside’s, beyond all question,inside outside.

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