pictures suck when printed

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Re: pictures suck when printed

rpenmanparker wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

People have suggested that i calibrate my monitor, but i am not going to spend $350 dollars for a calibrating tool, i find that pointless. If those calibrating deviced did cost 50 or 100 dollars i would invest in one, but not for 350, i don't get paid for printing photos. In my case i was getting way too reddish prints with my home photo printer, the only thing i have done is adjust and lower the Magenta color in my print driver.

Now, in YOUR case i will say the printing company where you sent them are at fault, they should have fixed them themselves or they should have notified you about how bad your prints look. I am not sure how they work, i have never sent out any of my photos. Did you have to pay for them by any chance???

I don't understand why you have to swim against such a strong and well established current. Monitor calibration is the first step to troubleshooting or prevent of problems in the first place. You are wrong about the price. Very good entry level instruments CAN be had new for less than $100, e.g. the Datacolor Spyder4 Express. I just sold the Pro model of this same instrument for $120 used. You can say nay forever, but the bottom line is still that rigorous work requires a calibrated monitor. If worse comes to worse, rent an instrument for $30.

As for the fault being the printing labs, well that is possible. But it is common in better labs (not Walgreens) to print exactly what is received without adjustment or comment. You will never know if you can't be sure you sent the right stuff. The lab isn't being paid to do your photo editing. You have to be sure you have it right.


You and petruska have given me very nice tips, i appreciate that.  I didn't know there were cheaper calibrating instruments, i didn't invent my coment, someone else in this threads had said the $350 dollar one is the one that works and not some $50 or $100 dollar ones that i saw in Amazon, i don't remember what brand it was but it is not this one you mentioned.

What experience do you have with the Datacolor Spyder4 express you mentioned above?  Does that one really work?  For something in the $100 dollar range i am willing to experiment with that, but nor for 350, i don't get paid for printing photos and franckly my current set up is perfectly fine, but again, i do like that $100 or less price.  SPECIFICALLY is there one that cost less than $100 dollars that i can buy that really works, or is it the Datacolor Spyder express?

Thanks Robert!


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