Is Rebel XS (1000D) the best camera ever?

Started Nov 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Matty W Regular Member • Posts: 206
Re: Interesting post...

Not sure I get your terminology. I think you're getting caught up on pixel-level sharpness and not resolution of the entire image. There's more resolution in the D800E image of can't even read the text with the Rebel. Is it less sharp per pixel? Sure, but it also appears to alias less (shockingly) and more importantly there are a lot more pixels. If you want per-pixel sharpness get an old 3MP foveon.

The Mark II is really nice. They had some refurbished from Canon for like $1000-$1200 I think recently. That and the 90mm tilt shift could make an amazing combination. Fwiw, JPEGs are really soft on the Mark III relative to raw files processed in Adobe or DXO, and I bet it's the same with the Mark II (only used it for video and JPEG).

Both have a lot of low ISO shadow noise, though. Less than the 7D and its ilk but still pretty bad considering how much better the Nikons are.

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