Canon EOS 60D wireless capability with 430EX Speedlites

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Re: Canon EOS 60D wireless capability with 430EX Speedlites

Hi, Your kit most definitely can work.

It sounds as if you are handling Groups & Firing Group correctly. Double check that the Camera is speaking on the same channel as the Slaves (?Ch 1).

The IR sensor on your 430Exs is the nearly black window at the top of the front face of your Speedlite bodies. Ensure that the light path, whether direct or bounced, from the 60D pop-up to these windows is as easy and clear as possible. The 430s' red focus assist light should be blinking at you at about one per second - and that should be very clearly seen from the pop-up location. If your 'Flash mode' line says ETTL then the slave screens should say the same. Good luck!

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