How Much Faster is T4i Autofocus in Live View Compared to T3i? Real World Experience Please?

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Re: How Much Faster is T4i Autofocus in Live View Compared to T3i? Real World Experience Please?

10s wrote:

You said you wanted to shoot with EOS Utility. I hope it offers the split focus/fire behaviour that I normally use on camera for multiple shutter releases after prefocussing (the setting for the shutter and AE/FE Lock (" * " button)). Since I am not sure and not able to verify it right now, maybe this helps you (

p33: there's an AF/MF button besides the fire button, and on p36: AF methods

Hi 10s, and thanks

I'm having a hard time understanding, exactly what you're trying to convey, but I'm positive it's me and my lack of knowledge, and not you, lol. If you mean I can get two windows there, one to focus and one with the shutter button, yeah I get that. I prefocussed but left in in AF, and when a bird landed on the feeder, I had a hard time getting the box over the eye of the bird what with all the moving, and the autofocus being slow. I know part of my problem was the feeder was moving from the birds landing, so the bird was moving all over, and I probably needed to adjust the speed to freeze the action more. I did learn that I can fire the shutter by pressing the space bar from the page that you sent me to and that will help get the shot I'm sure.

I will try the manual button you showed me, and try the manual focussing window. Did I miss something else in your post?

However, as I told Ian, my problem does not lie mostly in the remote and tethering, is just in general shooting. Which is why I asked the question here. It's in most of the modes and with both the kit 18-55 lens and the telephoto 55-250. Live view focussing just takes a long time, which slows the focus jest in general shooting for me. It's frustrating when I am not tethering and just shooting through the window or in the house at my husband, etc. That's why I asked if it was better in the t4i in general.



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