R3000, InkJetCarts refill tutorial; Give me a break!!!

Started Apr 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Kurt Sonderegger Contributing Member • Posts: 541
Re: R3000 vacuum fill without problems

I have two sets of refillable R3000 carts from Inkjetcarts and have vacuum primed both sets (that's 18 carts) without any problems what so ever. You only have to prime them the first time they are filled and then gravity fill after that, unless you should let the ink level drop so far that they need to be primed again. You really don't have to pull back too far on the syringe plunger either. You can do maybe 5 to 10ml and then repeat. That way you are never subjecting the cartridge to a severe vacuum.

I don't want to contradict what Ross tells you, just giving my experience.


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