Is Olympus' camera warranty international?

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Re: Is Olympus' camera warranty international?

don_van_vliet wrote:

Just wondering, is Olympus' camera warranty international? I live in the UK, but am wondering whether, if I buy a camera from another country, the camera will still be under warranty from Olympus?

Assuming there is some form of international warranty:

1) Would I have to return it to the vendor (i.e another country) for repairs?

2) Is the international warranty limited to cameras bought only from certain countries?

3) Would the international warranty apply to approved refurbished equipment?

Apologies for the boring subject matter, but many thanks for all information!

You need to check with your local Olympus office or agent.

In Australia at least they only honour the warranty of locally sold cameras that were imported by Olympus Australia. Most other countries seem to be the same. The Aussie/NZ rules here .

When pushed they will do the best they can for genuine visitors with overseas bought camera problems.

If anyone here in Oz buys the cheapest Internet price then they usually are imports from Hong Kong and "warranty" is then up to an arrangement with the agent who may be here or who may be in Hong Kong. Often extra "warranty" can be purchased with the Hong Kong import and I suspect the repair is then done by some local universal camera repair company who would have to import spare parts from wherever and with the attendant delays.

So check your UK Olympus to see what the real situation is.

Hey, just realised that I have a computer and can see the Internet (wow, the marvels of the 21st century!) , check your UK warranty page here. It seems that the International Warranty may just work in UK, only one year though. At least in Oz we get two years warranty on cameras bought locally.

Regards....... Guy

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