How Much Faster is T4i Autofocus in Live View Compared to T3i? Real World Experience Please?

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Re: How Much Faster is T4i Autofocus in Live View Compared to T3i? Real World Experience Please?

iancrowe wrote:

Not an answer to your question but a suggestion.

As I understand it you are photographing birds at a bird feeder using the T3i in remotely tethered mode, correct?

Hi Ian and thanks.

Yes, but the problem happens in just normal shooting, with still subjects. The full automatic is the worst, it will take 7-8 seconds with my telephoto (55-250 IS), a bit less sometimes with the 18-55 kit lens. In tether mode, it's really not too bad. I have to be fast and refocus as much as possible, but the birds move around quickly. A lot of my tethered remote shots are oof. However, I am totally new to the software, and also I was in full automatic mode and the bird feeder was swinging around a lot. I need to learn more about the manual settings to make the shutter faster, which is why I got a dslr in the first place. It's just been only yesterday and this morning with playing and seeing if it will actually do what I need it to remotely. The live view focus just seems to be hunting and hunting and thinking, while I'm sitting there wondering why it's taking so long, when through the viewfinder, the focus is almost instant.

If this is the case try focusing the lens on the bird feeder when you set the camera up then switch the lens to manual focus mode. This will mean the camera skips the autofocus step and speed up the time it takes to capture the image. You may need to stop the lens down a stop or so to get a decent depth of field but it should speed things up a lot.

Ok, I will try that. Thank you.

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