In Cam (DSLR) settings for better shots

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Re: In Cam (DSLR) settings for better shots

- What do you mean adjusting the colors while taking the picture ?

- Any Olympus camera with a working dark frame subtraction feature (the E-3 certainly is one) can take clean long exposure pictures. You will have to use the Noise Reduction option (On), rather than the Noise Filter. This will give you a clean image, BUT there will be a very, very long processing time after the shutter closes.

This is where the E series and said Canon differ - the Canon can give you clean long exposures up to several minutes without dark frame subtraction. This will be useful if you need to take your shots close to each other, without waiting.

If waiting after the shot is fine, your E-3 will work very well.

Of course, get a RAW + Jpeg picture, this way you'll put all the chances on your side.

Here's a 187 seconds and a 50 seconds exposure taken with my E-5. Your E-3 won't be much worse, as long as the Noise Reduction is used and of course as long as your tripod is stable, your Anti Shock (Mirror Up) is set up to a comfortable time (let's say 2-3 seconds, more if you don't use a remote shutter), which will lift the mirror, wait for the vibrations to fade and only then open the shutter.

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