Dayhike pack that will hold a DSLR and Tripod

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Re: Dayhike pack that will hold a DSLR and Tripod

Vcize wrote:

I ended up ordering the Obscura and got it in about a week ago. Haven't taken it out yet but some really quick impressions/annoyances.

  • It's built nicely overall. Feels sturdy, comfortable to wear
  • Like others have all said, the small opening for the camera is annoying, even for my smallish DSLR (T2i)
  • That Marsupial pouch is annoying. It should have been removable. As it is, even when it's empty, it really gets in the way of getting into the main compartment easily.
  • This is probably not going to be relevant to a lot of people, but I don't really like how there's only one main compartment. This means you can't separate out a small laptop from stuff that's going to damage it, and makes organizing stuff a bit of a pain.

I'm heading out to Utah this weekend for some hiking so I'll be able to give it a good test there, and plan on putting together a more extensive and/or video review of it afterwards.

Vcize, it's a bit late now for your purposes, but in this recent thread:

Auke and I discussed using a LoweAlpine Centro 27 or 35, which has a nicely large left-side portal opening with a camera module or holster pack:

LoweAlpine doesn't sell much in the US, but you can get them mailorder, and I've ordered a Centro 27 from a domestic company (backcountry and 123 mountain are offering both packs on a good sale) to see if it will do what I expect that the Spring 2013 update to the Obscura will do without that annoying marsupial pouch.  The Centro series have been around for several years and have been well reviewed.

I agree with your overall opinion of the current version of the Obscura (the one you have). I could live with the side portal camera holster / internal pouch for lenses arrangement of the Obscura, but think that the side portal configuration works better with the PhotoSport 200AW's approach; make the portal big enough to store at least the camera and one extra lens so that you can swap between your two favorite lenses easily. Since most folks don't own more than 1.5-2 lenses anyway, this would be nearly perfect and would completely free up the rest of the pack for personal items.

I'm rather hopeful that the Centro 27 will fill the bill. Once you push into the 30-35L category a loaded pack gets too heavy and thick to swing easily. The Centro 27's got a great suspension, is tall and narrow (good for carrying without overloading the shoulders), a fully-length-adjustable suspension and a trampoline-style semirigid back system, good organization, just enough extra room vs. the PhotoSport 200AW that you don't have to pare down for long jaunts, remains shallow enough to swing under your arm easily, and most importantly becomes a completely ordinary daypack if you leave the camera module out.

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