D400/D8000 incoming...

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Nikon D300s/D7000 fusion

One of the possible scenarios is that in 2013 Nikon will merge the D7000 and D300s product lines. There is a good chance that only one high end DX DSLR camera will be announced (D400 or D8000?) that will replace both D7000 and D300s models. The camera will have a "pro" body similar to the D300s and most likely come with a 24MP sensor and 8fps.

This is the most likely scenario.

If you think there will be a D400 and a D7100, you are forgetting that every model improves upon the the last. How can you improve on the D7000 without making it into a D300s replacement anyway?

These are the upgrades that happened from D90 -> D7000:

  • D7000 + more magnesium in the body + more buttons + better AF = D400

And that's basically the same thing as:

  • D300s + new sensor = D400

So why would Nikon have a D7000 upgrade ​and​ a D300s upgrade -


Because with a clever choice of features for each, Nikon could have a large body D400 at $1600 and a D7100 at $1100

So who will buy a D5200 at $1000?

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