compact pocket alternative to NEX-7? Anyone consider Pentax Q?

Started Nov 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
JeffS7444 Regular Member • Posts: 285
I own both

I like the Q but would regard it more as a precision toy system. For me, part of the fun is that it does not replicate the look of a NEX camera. At high ISO, it can deliver great, crazy gritty b&w photos with harsh contrast (think Daido Moriyama). For more natural-looking results, maybe stick with ISO 640 or lower.

In good light and low ISO, it can also deliver ultra crispy-looking results, though I still have to expose carefully as it doesn't seem to tolerate overexposure too well (as opposed to my Alpha and NEX cameras, which are almost always set to +0.7EV). Fortunately, the camera's metering is generally accurate.

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