Best lenses for nikon D7000 video (different brands)

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Wojciech Sawicki
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Re: Best lenses for nikon D7000 video (different brands)

What I use for video is a mix of things...

First, you really want a do-it-all video lens with VR. The Nikkor 18-200mm does a great job as such. Mind you, it's garbage for photography but 1080p is low enough resolution to hide any trace of softness. And it allows you to zoom in and out all you want while filming.

For more serious, "cinematic" shots I use an array of fast primes. Go for oldschool, all-manual glass. They have superb, silky and precise focusing rings that no AF or AF-S lens can match.

I have a 35mm f2, a bunch of different 50mm primes (each with very different bokeh, the most perfect I've seen being the soviet Zenitar-M 50mm f1.7), a 58mm Biotar, a 135mm, and even a manual 300mm f4.5 (despite having an AF-Nikkor 300mm f4).

Old manual glass simply shines in video.

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