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Started Nov 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: More - SATA to ESATA

Sky - I had the Sabrent for 6 weeks before I got around to trying it, past the deadline for returns to Frys.  But since it has both PATA and SATA HDD connectors and good USB speed I feel ok about keeping it.  I still have several PATA drives.

Wish I had thought of trying the 6 foot sata-esata cable with MaxStar3.    Maybe I will next time I have the PC case open.   But anyway using an adapter plate is the way to do it.  A cable hanging out of the PC is asking for it to be yanked and ruining that PC sata socket or worse cracking the mobo.  And I did the adapter plate like you did, took an old PC plastic drive hole plate, cut opening for esata connector and mounted on front of PC.


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