SX 50 Raw files and PSE 10

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Re: SX 50 Raw files and PSE 10

VisionLight wrote:

Dale Buhanan wrote:

The Wanderer wrote:


You wrote: "DPP software comes with the camera and will convert the RAW files"

but unfortunately not if you use WinXP 64bit

If anyone has found a work around, I would be pleased to know about it.


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I'm using WinXP but I believe it is 32 bit and I use DPP for my conversions. I did not know that it wouldn't work on 64 bit. That is a shocker. Are you sure? Did you try it? I was going to upgrade, but may change my mind now.

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Well Dale, it's time to put Windows XP to a well deserved rest. It has been a fine OS and I actually still use it in virtual mode on my WIN7 laptop for remotely operating my original 5D (Canon never updated the original 5D to work beyond WinXP). But its time has passed and all current Canon software works just fine on my 64 bit WIN7 machines. If you still want to use XP, get WIN7 Professional which allows a free download from Microsoft of the Virtual Machine and XP software to your WIN7 machine (not available in Home version). I'm not too convinced about using the new WIN8 on a desktop or laptop and don't think I'll be upgrading (said the tech guy). But then I haven't had enough experience yet with its kludgie interface on a keyboard (probably works fine for a touch screen). But check that out for yourself. I still do tech support for a lot of town's folk with old WinXP machines, but always try to convince them to upgrade. They're always happy when they do.


I acually have three computers, Ed.  One runs Xp, one runs Vista, and the the thrd one runs Win7 professional.  So, I agree with the comments you have made.  Still, I have so much softwre on the XP machine that is lagacy and I'm afraid I would lose it in a migration upgrade, so have been cautious.  Make sense.

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