Methods of Calculating Relative Background Blur

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Re: Your assumption is incorrect

its not about DOF but about background blur... how can we compare perceived blur between 2 images of different focal lenghts so as to have the most amount of blur with smaller focal lenght ?

those have the same DOF but with one example I used the same focal lenght for different angles of view and the other the same angle of view with different angle of view... but why the POI(point of interest) blur disk is bigger in the Full frame sensor for equal angle of view and DOF? does it means it can print with larger resolution?


85mm at f2 in APS-C

75mm at f1.8 in M43

They look almost the same but m43 really needs something as capable as 75mm but with shorter focal lenght so that you don´t have to back off as much so that is why I think a 55mm f1.2 or 60mm f1.2 would be good for m43 land (lets hope sigma does one for aps-c and releases it in m43 land too)

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