R3000, InkJetCarts refill tutorial; Give me a break!!!

Started Apr 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Petruska Veteran Member • Posts: 8,115
Watch this video....


You should be able to refill any R3000 cartridge with the vacuum method, but if Ross states not to use the vacuum method then I can only speculate that his cartridges are just maybe sub-par quality and the membrane wall seals can't handle a vacuum and will leak.  Again, I'm just speculating.  You can also purge ink throught the output port using a syring and output port adapter, or the correct size syringe nozzle. You must go in far enough to push back the spring loaded valve.

Cone cartridges are very easy to vacuum fill and are made with very good quality.

Ask Ross again why you can't use the vacuum method.

Bob P.

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