Anyone has the color profile of E-M5 for lightroom?

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Re: Anyone has the color profile of E-M5 for lightroom?

GuardianFlash wrote:

Maybe just open your raws with Olympus Viewer and save them as tiffs and then import to LR. If you open the raws with Olympus Viewer that jpeg look will be there.

That makes the work flow so slow that's not suitable for serious work for me.

Using Camera Portrait, etc. color profile on Canon/Nikon's camera making the work flow much faster. I need not to elaborate too much but sticking in Lightroom for cameras from different brands has it's advantage.

Though, I'm not sure it's which one's responsibility tough, if there's any. While Olympus should help making this available to Adobe for compatibility, they also has the incentive not to do so so not to lose their secret "recipe of color".

Adobe should be doing to imitate these color profiles as they do to Canon/Nikon/Sony. But will Olympus' color be too complicated than those from the others for Adobe to make a good clone? I don't know. I know nothing about how Adobe do it. But if the only reason is that Adobe don't have the resources to do it all so they only focus on the big player, that won't be making much sense, unless they don't think people owning cameras from e.g. Olympus alone should try their software.

May be next time I will bring a Colorchecker along with me to see what happen. That would still make the work flow faster, though losing the "magical Olympus color recipe".

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