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jona118 wrote:

Hi all,

New to the sight and wondered if anyone can help me. I'm very new to photography

I bought a Sigma 70-210 off eBay but it doesn't fit. Can anyone help and let me know which lenses to look for to buy please?




Welcome to the forum. Not knowing how much you know and as you are v. new to photography you may not be aware that every manufacturer has their own way of connecting the lens to the body - known as ​mounting​ the lens, so, in choosing a lens you have to look out for which make the lens was made to fit. If the lens you bought off eBay was described as ​Olympus fit​ it ​may have referred to the Olympus film SLR which uses a different mount (known as OM) to the Olympus digital SLRs (which use a 4/3 mount) such as your E-420. If this is the case then the good news is that you can buy an inexpensive adapter which mates to the mount of the Sigma lens and offers a 4/3 mount to the E-420 body. The not-so-good news is that it doesn't transmit any information between the lens and the body, so you have to focus and set the aperture manually and the focusing bit can be tricky to do on the E-420.

For more on lens mounts see Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lens_mount

In the meantime, enjoy your E-420 with the 14-42; they are your entry point into what can be an immensely satisfying activity. Good luck.


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