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Re: SX50HS: more birds in flight

VisionLight wrote:

Dale Buhanan wrote:

Good catch my friend! Glad that it worked out for you. Now the big question is were you able to track while in sports mode and see individual frames click by. In dimmer light indoors I couldn't see anything happen.

All together, I took three x three shot bursts in very dim light under heavy cloud cover. The whole procedure would only take less than a second each time. The first set was a total failure as I re-acted too slowly and got nothing but water and bubbles. I could not tell if the EVF was showing individual frames or if what I was seeing was just persistance of vision. The second set I follow focused the bird before it dove into the water. Again, three almost identical images of the whole bird resulted. And again, I didn't know if it was individual frames or not in the EVF. By the third set, I got the hang of it. And this time I believe I actually saw in the EVF the change in frame between the first successful shot and the plain water in the second. Shutter lag had the bird milliseconds further into the water in the final first image then what I saw in the viewfinder. But before going to the review screen, I already knew that the second and third shots were too late. But I got it and I'm happy. Now I'll have to try sports mode in decent light (I think this one was ISO 1600 and still only around 1/320 second) and try for better IQ at the level of Stephen's images.


Stephen certainly sets a high bar to reach alright.  You have done better than I have, but I understand the sport mode better now than I did.  Still, the 7D is the camera of choice for this sort of thing, but it intrigues me to try and get 7D type shots with the sX50.  Sort of like sports fishing with very light tackle.    The challenge is a lot of fun.

Yeah... You have seen the same thing you saw, where it looked like the LCD just froze, and I couldn't see individule frames as they were shot.  Could have been display persistence as you say.  But I do think that in bright light with high shutter speeds there will be time for the flicker of change that Stephen mentioned he sees with individual frames.  Sounds like you were on the fringe of seeing it even in the dull light you were in.

Anyway, you have had fun and honed your skills and will adjust your timing.  Besides, what you tried was a super difficult shot, since it had to be precise in timing.  If it is birds in flight overhead, you can vary a little each way and still get the shot.  If you are shooting a bird diving into the water, at fraction of a second too late, and you get a splash and bubbles and if you are very lucky the tip of tail feather still sticking out.  And since there is always a small but important delay of the LCD or EVF refreshing, that adds to the uncertainty.  Nothing like full optical of the 7D of judging correct timing, etc.  So it is a challenge.

I need to practice on something slower -- like snail races.

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