D7100 specs – what do you really think?

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yes a GOOD mirrorless would be welcome

You make sense:  a GOOD mirrorless would be welcome.

I highlight the word "good" because I'm personally not at all interested in the Nikon "1" system - why carry a still fairly big camera and its bag of lenses to produce image quality that will be limited by the fairly small sensor?  Why not either use a Sony RX100 w same size sensor but much more pocketable, or go for cameras with smaller sensors still that will offer more zoom and much more portability?
This doesn't prevent Nikon from regularly emailing me - I have registered my products on their site - about how great the "1" is and how I really really should buy one, and I would get a cashback offer and so on.  Pathetic.

And, while Canon have been more daring as far as cannibalisation is concerned by coming up with the "M" system and its APS-C sensor, they have either issues with processing power or the CDAF algorithm, or have purposedly crippled the camera - but at the end of the day its AF performance is justs shameful.

So yes, Nikon, there would still be ample space in the market, and especially among your existing customer base, for a mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor, and fast enough AF including in video, and of course an adaptor like that on the Canon "M" so that any legacy lenses can be used.

I'm sure that Nikon have been thinking about this, and probably doing R&D on it, for quite some time.  The question is, when do we see a product?

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