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Re: Chris: maybe Confusing Reviews


Thanks everybody.

I got the F770EXR, well it's in the post somewhere between Amazon and here anyway.

I actually have the Nikon P7100 and find that the 200mm end is just that bit short as is the 200mm on my DSLR even after allowing for the 1.5x 300mm equiv so I figured that the 500mm end of the Fuji's lens should do it.

I also looked at the Nikon P510 with it's 1000mm lens and decided I really did not want to be wandering around with that even though it's quite a small bridge camera.

Fortunately there are quite a few fence posts, rock outcrops and the odd bit of stone wall I can prop the camera on to steady it, but nothing you can actually hide behind while you edge up close and the birds always seem to have some eagle eyed sentry out there to sound the alarm. It's nearly impossible to get near them at low tide as there are very wide expanses of mud flats and they seem to stick around the river mouth.

Thanks again.

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