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amalric wrote:

...I feel the same protective towards my 4/3 9-18, however technology marches on: it's best resolution is 46 lpmm, according to lenstip, against the 40-49 lpmm of the 11-22.

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However the just introduced m4/3 17/1.8 now reaches 66 lpmm! So it's not only that one lags behind sensors, but after resolution too.

Comparing a zoom lens to a prime lens might not be the best way to judge lens progress, I believe...

As much as I like my m43 lenses and as much as they are sometimes comparable apples for apples with their 4/3 counterparts (the m43 75-300mm is slightly better at 300mm than the 4/3 70-300mm, the kit lenses are comparable), still - apples for apples 4/3 remain better optically.

I am not saying m43 can not be made as good, just that Olympus still emphasizes too much on the "keep it small" criteria to truly dedicate themselves to build an optically "just as good" m43 lens.

That's why I was asking in another thread if a 4/3 lens can be made REALLY optimized for m43, which would allow Olympus to continue building 4/3 lenses without having to rely only on 4/3 clients to buy them.

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