Goodbye DPReview Challenges

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Re: Goodbye DPReview Challenges

There only has to be one place, First Place. No one wants to see their entry as number 100 of 100. Surley this is one of the reasons for the voting fraud  so strongly protested.

The idea of having to vote on all the entries or none is a good one and would go a long way in solving many issues. Entrants should not be able to vote, of course the majortiy of the voters likely are entrants so have a vested interested. I don't think there are a lot of people on DPR who have the time to closely judge and vote on these challenges, unless it is to vote for the winner and once again you have people voting with a vested interest.

This is a competion, what else is a challenge? Many people who accept a challenge are going to do whatever it takes to win. This leads to constant modification and addition of rules.

Since the major problem is with the general voters, eliminate them. Allow only hosts to vote, require them to vote in all challenges, including there own.  To many hosts will leave? You will have a more standard and consistent result. You need people who are dedicated enough to spend the time and make the effort.

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