Nex 5N or Canon 60D for slide copying?

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Re: Nex 5N or Canon 60D for slide copying?

First, thanks for the replies! Lots of useful things to try!

I looked at the Sony 30mm, but I'm going to try the cheaper (for me) methods first.

D Cox wrote:

The advantage of the Novoflex over most bellows is that it has (limited) tilt and shift. Useful for macro photography of objects, but not needed for slide copying.

Maybe sometime in the future then, when I have more money.

1) Is there a not-too-difficult way mount the M lenses on the FL bellows?

I use an 80mm Olympus lens on a Nikon bellows. This involves three adapters - Nikon to Leica thread, Leica to T-mount, T-mount to Olympus. So anything can be done.

I'll probably start with the FD glass, then try revesing the Leica, then do the mount mixing only when I have more time/money.

Schneider makes an M lens to T-mount adapter, but it looks like it's a special order item. If there was a way to create a removable mount on the lens end of the FL bellows like the Novoflex bellows has, that would be ideal. Oh well. Something for later on.

But I think the best bet for you would be a Canon macro reversal ring, mounting the Leica lens in reverse. At these close distances, it doesn't really matter which way round the lens is, and you will anyway be shooting at f/11 or f/8.

You might need a step-up or down filter thread ring if the Canon adapter has the wrong size filter thread.

Sounds interesting. I'm curious to see how my Leica glass performs in reverse. Ironic that it would be easier to mount my lenses backwards than forwards.

If you already have a 50mm FD, try it.

This will be my first option then.

2b) Would I be able to capture the 127 slides in 1 shot with a 50mm lens on a crop sensor on the bellows?

You will need some kind of light box because the larger slide will not fit in the 35mm holder. You may find that one of the Leica M lenses directly mounted on the NEX already goes close enough to give a big enough image of a 127 slide, or maybe will with a close-up lens attached.

I'll try a lightbox/bellows + some sort of FD lens combination for now.

If I was going to use the M glass, I would need something to improve the close-up focus.

The Leica M lenses that I have only focus to .7 or maybe .6 meters. So the field of view on the 50mm is about the size of an 8 x10, even on a crop sensor. I would need to use the bellows or some sort of extension tube to get a good, tight shot.

I find HDR gives the best results on most slides. The contrast of slides is very high. Use ISO 100 or 200, daylight, Auto White Balance.

I was thinking about the Nex in-camera HDR as well, but what I was wondering was whether using LR/Enfuse with RAW files might be better than using the in-camera HDR on the Nex. That's one reason why I was hesitating over the 60D vs. the Nex. Another was the ability of Magic Lantern to do auto-bracketing.

Maybe that will give me something to test as well! (Shootout! Nex HDR vs. LR/Enfuse!)

I really do wonder how the results would compare, sensor-wise, HDR-wise, etc.

Yesterday I found a box of old slides I shot of the Snake River Canyon with my M6, and I can't wait to get them on my computer.

Something else popped into my head when I was thinking about all of this-- how good is the Canon slide duplicator at handling negatives?

Most of my negs are in 4-shot strips. Some are color, some are black and white. Would I need to use a light table for those as well?

If this works well, I may just use up some of my old film! I have a 150-ft box of Tech Pan still sitting in the fridge...

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