Methods of Calculating Relative Background Blur

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Re: Examples of practical application please (nt).

after using one of those programs I have concluded that it´s the size of the blur disk that matter for background blur and the reason why m43 needs a 65mm f1.2 lens to have the +- the same background blur as an 85mm lens at f2.0 in aps-c land... (even though the DOF will be a little shallower in the m43 camera the aps-c can blur more the background with a subject in a full body portrait (8meters in 135mm equivalent distance). I chose the 85mm f2.0 because from flickr samples i have found many that have busy brackground blurred enough to my taste, others may find they need just a little blurred but I would like to have that kind of performance in m43 cameras and a f1.2 lens at that distance would be very big.

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