15 mm f8.0 - What's the point?

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Re: 15 mm f8.0 - What's the point?

The point is in having a cheap, basic and very small lens to play with.

It gives you a lens you can pretty much use as a body cap, with next to no bulk, and one that is designed as an incredibly simple manual lens - so you can have it zone focussed and ready to shoot in the time it takes a camera to wake from sleep.

Essentially a lesson in simplicity - no debating what aperture is best, no having to let the autofocus catch up, just intuitive shooting that should be almost reflexive after a short amount of time with it.

I would also look as it more a pairing for one of the smaller bodies than an OM-D or GH3 - the lack of size there will make an already nice and portable system even moreso.

Personally I will have to admit that I have no actual interest in buying or using the lens, but I can appreciate why some do.

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