Pro/Cons for Sigma 12-24 II & Canon 16-35 II

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Re: Pro/Cons for Sigma 12-24 II & Canon 16-35 II

vvv14 wrote:

Your corrected sample doesn't show much “loss of picture estate” but the original is not so badly distorted either. Was the picture taken at 12mm? Thanks for taking the time to post them!

The image below was downloaded from the samples posted in the review of Sigma 12-24 II at (

Notice the loss of picture space is quite severe after applying the corrections. I know it’s probably the worst case scenario with parallel lines at both edges of the picture. I wonder if 16-35 would do any better.

I know there's room for improvement in terms of correcting the above but it's beyond the point.

I didn't realize but my photo example of the river boat was taken at 24mm... I just took a look at the original EXIF. I thought I had taken it at 12mm.... sorry about that. Regardless, the 'lost space' would be greater on the Sigma 12-24 @ 12mm than the Canon @ 16mm simply because the Sigma is wider causing distortions to be greater.

Going back to my original post, I use the Sigma 12-24 when I really need something to be shot very wide. Sigma fills that need and then some. The 5mm difference between my Sigma and Canon 17-40 is huge. I use the Canon 17-40 for just about everything else. Here is an example of something I took with the Canon 17-40 (slightly corrected):

Canon 17-40 with slight distortion correction

There are some photos in which the distortion kind of works and I leave it in for creative purposes. Other times I will simply correct it as much as I can. It all depends on the photo.

With the Sigma 12-24, I find I can be very creative. Taking a facial shot up close can produce some interesting results. Taking a person's 'thumbs up' very close and their face in the background is also creative. There is a lot of fun to be had with UWA's.

I wish you good luck on your buying decision.

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