5D2+35/2IS or Fuji x100?

Started Nov 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
Kuivaamo Senior Member • Posts: 2,248
I recommend going for the lens

I happen to have the 5D2 and the X100, and while I don't have a 35/2 for the Canon, I do have the 40/2.8 STM, which is a pretty close equivalent to the lens on the X100. The Canon combo does beat the X100 in IQ quite easily in my eyes, and I would pick the former for serious landscape shooting. Also the X100 is more of a specialist and quirky camera, you do need to put more work in to get to a point where you'll get as consistent results are you would with your familiar Canon outfit.

To me the X100 is a camera that I can have more often with me than a DSLR and that provides the OVF experience with objects visible outside the composition, which I loved with a film rangefinder. But it is not a substitute for a 5D2. Based on my experiences, I would recommend buying the Canon 35/2 (IS) over the X100, if the main use will be to shoot landscapes while carrying the 5D2 anyway.

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