Question about Sony HX20V

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Re: Question about Sony HX20V

notime wrote:

The V means the camera has GPS (as I believe Sony cannot legally sell GPS equipped cameras in some countrys)

technically a Black bodied HX20 with GPS is the DSC-HX20V/B

In some markets you can get a red bodied HX10 and it would be an HX10V/R, White is W. Silver may beblank

It is not normal for a consumer to to have the option of GPS, and It is possible the site is just lazy in their description and didn't include V, but buyer beware.(it may be a grey market import from a non-GPS country)

indeed pic in the site is with V ... strange

and other is writen ... "18,2 Mega Pixel, optischer Bildstabilisator, Full-HD Videoaufnahmen, HDR Funktion, GPS Recorder, intelligente Motiverkennung"

GPS recorder ... maybe better idea is to go to the shop and see this foto have V or not
thanks to all to explanation

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