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GMussio wrote:

So, I ran into a small dilemma. I have an X-Pro 1 with the 35mm lens and an EF-42 bounce flash. I love the camera, but the focal length of the 35mm is too long for me. I picked up the 18 a couple of months ago, but immediately returned it as I found the focal length to wide and the quality (around the edges) to be okay at best. My preferred lens would be the 24 1.4, but I haven no idea when that is going to come out. The 18-55 seems nice, but I'm not a fan of changing out lenses everytime I want to switch to the low aperture 35. In the mean time, I was looking for a nice camera that would be compact enough to put in a jacket pocket and cover all focal lengths with a decent zoom while the Fuji sticks to low light and bokeh shots. I picked up the RX100 from a local Best Buy. I dont know why people gave this cam such great reviews. For $700 (w/ tax), it just does not deliver. Yeah, it is pocket sized and it was nice to be able to go to a club or rave and have this thing in my pocket so that I did not have to bring even a small bag. Yeah, the image quality is good in low light. Yeah, the on board flash does let you bounce it (albeit it does not work all that great). But anything above ISO 800 is just mush. Reminds me of my 30D long ago when I dared not enter ISO 1600 territory. The 1.8 aperture wide open was nice, but it fell off dramatically when zooming in just a tiny bit. So, I returned it, and began my quest to find something else to compliment the Fuji. There was a deal for an Olympus E-PL5 on BH for $50 less then the RX100 with the kit lens. The kits lens got decent reviews, but the aperture range blows (if I like it, I might pick up the 17 2.5 pancake). What intrigues me is that without a lens it is pocketable. With the pancake, I think I can manage putting it in some of my baggier pants and shorts. Image quality is supposed to be on par with the OM-D which seems to perform just as good as the NEX in terms of ISO and image quality. The articulated screen is also a nice touch. So, my question is; does anyone else have this combination? If so, how do you like your MFT cameras and lenses and how do they compare to the Fuji in terms of image quality? Any and all information is greatly appreciated.

Buy it with a 20mm pancake from panasonic.  Gives you 40mm at 1.7.  Be aware of shutter shock.

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