Sony NP-FM500H on sale at Sears (USA)

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Re: Sony NP-FM500H on sale at Sears (USA)

jeffcpix wrote:

OK, it's not a Sony -- it's a Synergy. But it's listed as having a 3 Year Warranty -- and it's $21.95

Maybe Sears isn't selling Sony because they have an alternate which they are willing to warranty?

Thats not from Sears. Thats a 3rd party, from the sears marketplace. Kind of like Amazon's marketplace.

You are correct. I did not look closely enough. And judging from the form I found at the Sears site when one seeks more warranty details, I suspect Sears takes no responsibility for whom or what they promote under their name.

But perhaps I shouldn't assume that


the seller, isn't prepared to fulfill the warranty advertised.

Here's one evaluation:

Hmmm, I thought the Nanny State had stricken the  maxim 'caveat emptor' from the legal lexicon.

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