D800E - Extrem usage in Greenland - Gallery

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Re: D800E - Extrem usage in Greenland - Gallery

Excellent and inspiring work! If you don't mind, while perusing your website i saw this gem of a quote and thought it was worth sharing on this forum:

"The career of many hobby and amateur photographers ends in an exaggerated joy of technicalities, resolutions and lens acuteness scales . Thousands and thousands of photographers are hanging out on the major photography forums and forget - because of their infatuation of tech-stuff - that cameras are made to shoot pictures and not to test if the lens X with aperture Y at focal length Z yields chromatic aberrations at the picture borders. Far too many photographers still think that the best camera in combination with the best lens automatically shoots the best pictures. Buy a camera and a lens which suit your budget and requirements, and go shoot pictures instead of spending your precious time reading (or even writing) benchmarks of better and more expensive cameras."

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