From Nikon D700 to OMD EM5

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Re: From Nikon D700 to OMD EM5

marike6 wrote:

Mark B UK wrote:

I think it depends on what your priorities are within IQ. Noise above ISO 3200?

S/N Ratio at any ISO is going to be better with the D700 which is to say that base ISO images from the D700 will be cleaner.

Easy win for the Nikon. DR? Perhaps not. According to DPReview's tests, RAW files from the E-M5 broadly equal those from the previous best in class, the D800, in this regard.

Equals a D800 for DR? lol. DPR test DR using JPEG, AFAIK.

With a proper DR test, no other test site came to a similar conclusion however. On DxOMark the E-M5 is nowhere close to the D800 in any measurement (color depth, high ISO, DR).

D800 produces 14.4 EV DR over 2 EV better than the E-M5.

Low light/high ISO score? Don't even bother looking.

Low-light score/High ISO

D800E 2997 ISO

D800 2853 ISO

D700 2303 ISO

E-M5 889 ISO

A better comparison would be to compare the EM-5 against APS-C sensor cameras. But even then, the EM-5 doesn't match the better APS-C cameras like the K5, D7000 and X-Pro1.

For high ISO performance, the E-M5 improved on the Panasonic GX1 low-light score a bit (703 ISO) slightly. A camera like the D7000 get close to 1200 ISO with 14 EV DR.

DxOMark Sensor Ratings

I think technology moves on and there's a world of difference between the D700 and D800 in terms of sensor performance.

I stand corrected re DPR's DR test - yes, it's based on JPEGs. But it *does* show the E-M5 and D800 on a par. Some people take Dxomark seriously; I don't, not least because lenses get low ratings for having smaller maximum apertures, which seems to me to be a measure of specification rather than quality.

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