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Re: PSP & Nik Silver Efex 2.0 Plugin

Mike Dobbs wrote:

mapgraphs wrote:

Mike Dobbs wrote:

I did some browsing and came across this thread on using plugins with PSP:


Basically, it depends on what you define "plugin" as.

I also came across a post on this site (sorry, lost link) where someone reported that NIK support told him the plugin for PSP was a special version, not compatible with other apps and likewise their "normal" versions will not work in PSP.

I might take the suggestion to try the free Silver Efex DL and see what it does in PSP.


I Started with PSP 1 (and probably still have the diskette) and have used plugins since they were added to the PSP workflow. It's been a while since I've added and used plug-ins either in PSP or PS though. I went through a plug-in phase but rarely use any now.

However, I do recall installation issues with some, not installing to the default PSP plug-in directory. In some cases it was a matter of manually moving the files to the proper location. There are some .8bf that make calls to other files and act as stand-alone utilities but as long as the base file is built to the plug-in standard and it is in the correct folder, it will work.

Well, results of trying to use Nik Silver Efex 2.0 from PSP X5 in Windows 7....I see the plugin in the psp list & can launch the plugin from PSP...but all I seem to get is a black Nik screen. Curiously, mousing around the blackness I get tool tips popping up. Just no actualy buttons/menus or image on screen. Fumbling onto the Exit without applying settings area...get me back into PSP on the image I started from.

Guess it's a no go unless there are suggestions from the forum?

Doing a Google search on potential compatibility issues between Nik and PSP returned nothing. If you're getting some of the interface (tool tips etc.) then you probably (most likely) have a display driver incompatibility (with the Nik - PSP combination). Anecdotically, it seems that some integrated displays are more likely to cause problems than dedicated display cards.

If you want to experiment, try changing the desktop resolution (up or down) and if Nik still is giving you a black window, try changing the color depth (32bit to 16bit). This is just to identify if it is the display driver causing the problem. If it is the display driver, the options are to update it, if available, work at a different resolution/color depth if not or if the computer has an integrated display, install a dedicated display card such as a nVidia. Graphics software and display driver incompatibilities are not uncommon but they are not fun trying to troubleshoot.

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