X10 vs P7700 - my take after real life comparisons

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Re: X10 vs P7700 - my take after real life comparisons

evoprox wrote:

I've owned the P7000 and P7100. While the AF on the 7k was the worst I've seen on any compact camera so far, 50/50 hit or miss, the 7100 focused pretty swiftly. I wonder if Nikon has taken a step backwards here. The AF on my X10 is the fastest and most reliable I've seen on any compact cam, including my Sony NEXes (5, 5n, 7(ex)). Yesterday I took some shots through a dirty bus window at 50mph, no problem at all, simply incredible. I almost gave up zone focusing as it's so bl...dy fast and reliable. Compare that to Fujis X100, sad story. The only features I'd need from the 7700 would be the ND filter! and the articulated screen, but I'd prefer the simple swivel design from the 7100 for candid shots. Hard decision but I wouldn't part with my X10 - can't wait for the X11/20 though

I agree the X10s focus is really impressive and it makes a huge difference in real life shooting. The P7700 would be great if the focus were quicker but it's really only slow in low light - it locks on but it can hunt for awhile even at WA. Ya I'm tempted to sell both while they are still worth decent coin and wait for the new X

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