7D Noise Reduction

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Re: 7D Noise Reduction

anand53 wrote:

I was using a Canon 100-400 4.5/5.6 with 2X converter that reduces the f to 11. I chose shutter priority and the camera set the aperture. I set the ISO to ensure proper exposure as the aperture was flickering. In fact I should have used 1/800 to match with the focal length of 800 mm. I did not do so as I was using a tripod with IS disabled.

The images were to illustrate noise reduction in 7D. Would appreciate your inputs if I could have done better.

With that combination, I probably would have used f/14 as well. As you say, wide open is f/11 and stopping down just a couple of clicks is often a good trade-off between sharpness and exposure.

However it's worth bearing in mind that 2/3 stop higher ISO speed will mean more noise in the RAW file. Noise robs the image of detail which processing cannot bring back, so it could be that any gains in optical sharpness by stopping down from f/11 to f/14 could be completely swamped by the increased noise. You would have to test it for your particular setup.

Diffraction softening starts to be really noticeable at f/16 on a 1.6x crop camera, so unless you absolutely must stop down further for depth of field (which is unlikely with most long lens subjects) I would stick with f/14.

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