SX50 for sports, anyone?

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Re: SX50 for sports, anyone?

BobT wrote:

OK. Good light and a some knowhow is the key. So how about if we stretch the envelope a bit now. Does anyone have any prep sports images? Indoor? School gyms and ice hockey rinks don't have the best reputations for being well-lit. So this combo should put the SX50 to the real test.

(Could be that the SX50 is still too new for many of these types of shots.) I will be attempting school ice hockey as soon as I get mine, however. Maybe in vain, but I'll try it anyway.

You can try with your SX40. Don't think that the results with SX50 will be much different. The main problem is that it's necessary to use a very high ISO in order to get a fast shutterspeed with the rather 'slow' lens in low light. It's simply not possible to get a good IQ at e.g. ISO 3200 with a 1/2.3" sensor. The SX40/SX50 is a fine and very versatile tool in good light (or rather at low ISOs), but at high ISOs we'll see the limitations of the small sensor.

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