Brutally honest review of the EOS M.

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Marco Nero
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Brutally honest defense of the EOS M.

I found the interview entertaining.  I also found the reviewer likeable and his review slightly more insightful of Canon's attitudes and practices that others.

Do I agree?  Generally, yes I do.  Not entirely but mostly.

The EOS-M, when fitted to the 18-55mm f/3.5 IS M-series lens, is actually quite fast.  But all the reviewers (including have been sampling this camera with the much slower 22mm f/2.0 lens... and that lens really is slow enough (though i have not used that lens myself) to be laughable compared to the competition.  But I did try the 18-55mm lens and it was a smart, quick lens... as noted by others who have tried it.

Now I bought the EOS-M Body-Only which came with the EF Lens mount and so far I only use my EF lenses with this camera.  Each lens operates differently on the Camera.  Some are fast, others are slow.  Most are slower than the 18-55mm lens.  The slowest I've tried is the 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro lens and sadly, that lens is the reason why I purchased the EOS-M... but that speed (or lack of) is not really crippling.

I can take some exceptionally good pictures with the EOS-M using just about any Canon lens but the results I've been getting from the camera are really very, very good.  Ignoring the competition and differences in features and even AF speed, the EOS-M is a great camera.  It has a superb touchscreen (which i did not initially like when it was announced) and it has extremely accurate AF.  It's possible to take the occasional out-of-focus shot but that's rare.  I get a lot of "keepers" from this camera that compacts would have been unable to capture, let alone be capable or rendering in the same manner and with the same visual appeal.

For those who do indoor shots or shots requiring Manual Focus, the EOS-M allows you to zoom into the subject up to 10x to allow you to fine-tune the focus within a fraction of one tenth of a millimeter.  That's fantastic for a live-view camera and of course you can use the same zoomed LCD abilities with the AF switched on as well.

It's a good camera with excellent capability and it will appeal to a lot of different users.  I also think it will be very useful for serious photography enthusiasts who want a bit of creative flexibility as well, without the desire to invest in a full-sized DSLR etc

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