Why did you buy an X series???

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Re: Why did you buy an X series???

Hello Jay,

I have only had the X-E1 for about a week and have not had much spare time due to my work situation, but I find for example the high ISO capability far superior. The X-E1 + 18-55 completely trumps the GF1 + 14-45 at, let's say, 3200 ISO. Pics from the Fuji are still perfectly usable while pics from the GF1 are a mess at that point. I'm having a hard time telling ISO 3200 pics from ISO 800 on the Fuji without looking at exif data. Even 6400 should still be manageable.

My reasoning for the change was that I'll gain image quality and maybe make do with fewer lenses than with m43. The decision was very much based on samples on flickr, for instance by forum member flysurfer. I concluded that there's no way I can achieve this with my current camera and lens system and I'm willing to change system. Since my favorite m43 lenses were quite big anyway, Pana 7-14 and Voigtländer 25, size was not a big issue.

The combination of X-E1 + zoom is actually not that much bigger than the GF1 + 14-45. Maybe 1 cm wider, 1 cm longer, 0.5 cm taller. A little heavier, but not much considering the IQ bump. I'll take the difference any day, and with the X-E1 you also get the EVF.

I also like the aperture ring on the zoom. I know that some don't, and I can see the risk of turning it by mistake, but probably it's something you can learn to avoid (or just turn use the A mode). I find the aperture ring more natural to use than the double-duty thumb wheel on the back of the GF1.

Of course it's also about the lenses. While there are lovely small lens solutions for m43, I'm willing to take the slightly bigger Fuji lenses. I'm looking at 35 mm and maybe 14 mm next. If the upcoming 27 mm strikes a good balance of price vs quality, I might consider that when space is at a minimum.

Super shallow depth of field is not an obsession for me, but I like the possibilities of the larger sensor.



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