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Re: About to buy camera for wife

Nikeman123 wrote:

okay guys. I really want to surprise the wife with a camera and I know she won't buy a good one because she will feel guilty about the price. Anyway the D5100 keeps selling in all the bundles but for some reason its available in one bundle with a bag, extra lens, and a memory card for $786 after tax which is more than I wanted to spend but at best buy I get 18 months with no interest. Can anyone talk me out of it? Only thing I wish it had was the 24mp that the 3200 has but other than that I like the camera. I'm assuming this is a nice step up from the Nikon cool pix p90 that she has right?

What is the other lens?

Do you like the memory card and bag?

In other words, do you think you are getting good value with the items added to the bundle?

As for the difference between the d3200 & the d5100.... you are unlikely to really care after a few days.  16mp is still 14mp more than 99% of the display devices these photos are viewed on.  Only the rare very large output or highly cropped image has any benifit from the extra MP.

The d5100 will blow her away with what she can do AFTER she learns to use it.  Initially it will seem "nice" but not "WOW".  But this is not a fault of the d5100 but the nature of going from a P&S to a DSLR.  A DSLR rewards users for taking the time to learn how things work but this takes time.

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