Getting Frustrated Taking Child Photos, Want to Quit Sometimes

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Re: Getting Frustrated Taking Child Photos, Want to Quit Sometimes


I don't agree with your idea of parent/child relationship, but who am i to judge. Odds are good that there are some who wouldn't agree with mine. But it's clear that your children DO NOT ENJOY being your models. They DO NOT ENJOY your scorning when you (most likely very quickly) reach your boiling point. You need to be honest with yourself. If you DO NOT ENJOY acting the part of child photographer with your kids, then STOP; for their sake.

My only other piece of advice, that i think you've already dismissed, is to try the candid approach. Challenge yourself to wield your camera in order to freeze time; capture those genuine moments that brought joy or even sadness. Those moments that can't be relived or reproduced in studio with even  the best of models and props.

My son hates posing for me. And i'm ok with it. But he is also fully aware that i enjoy photography and lets me be; never asking me to stop when playing the role of paparazzi or Henri Cartier-Bresson. Sure, i "ask" for the seasonal pose in the pumpkin patch or in front of the Christmas tree. He "listens", but that pose/session is short lived. He knows it and i know it; mutual understanding. Then it's back to the candids. After all, how boring a photo album of "posed" shots. That is no way to document life.

Here are a few of my favorites  that in the future will remind me of some good and proud times.

His recent introduction to fries and how to blow on them to cool them off.

The way he liked to stack his hotwheels; his imagination blossoming.

His brave attempt to reach for a bath toy.

Enjoying a treat with his cousin on Easter Sunday.

His love for speed. My opportunity to develop some panning skills.

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