Is 5D3 in camera processing good enough?

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Re: Is 5D3 in camera processing good enough?

adrianfongwl wrote:

I have been using light room 4.2 to output all my RAW photos to JPG (ie. only RAW is being shoot on my camera all the time) but now I found that it's really time consuming to do that now.

Just want ask for comments about the JPG output quality of 5D mark 3? Is it as good as the the JPG comes out from the Light room 4.2? As I found the file size is massively different between those two (~12MB vs ~5MB from the camera). Just curious if the IQ would be degrading if using the JPG from the camera instead of light room? Or should I use DPP to extract to JPG directly without editing would gives a better result than the in-camera processing?

Thanks all for the put in.

the jpeg quality of 5D3 is outstanding,  professional,  silky smooth.  if your  everyday pictures don't need too much artistic adjustment in pp, you then can, with a clear conscience,  shoot jpegs and be mighty happy.  i'd run a  quick test if i were you. shoot  few double  raw+jpeg frames, convert the raw file into a jpeg using dpp or lightroom and  compare the results. i would venture to say that  you won't find any difference. raw's are good for careful, extended work. but for everyday shooting in good light jpegs are totally fine.

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