Andromeda - (high altitude nightshot)

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Re: Andromeda - (high altitude nightshot)

tsk1979 wrote:

Thanks for the link.

So all you need is a $30-$40 ball head with this device, and your regular tripod(normal head will do)?

That's how I read it as well

However. none of the big ticket retailers are carrying it.

AFAIK it has just been announced.

I am also not sure how to interpret the specs. I need something which can give me 200 second exposure with a 300mm lens (on an APS-C sensor). I think thats the minimum for deep astrophotography, right?

Specs-wise looks comparable to the Polarie. There is a claimed 2kg weight limit, which unless you have a really light 300mm is going to be an issue. And of course it's not just weight, it's moment arm. 200 sec in a single shot using a 300mm with the ultralights seems to me "Good luck with that" territory, but I wouldn't mind being proven wrong. The bigger mounts (AstroTrac, Skymemo, Losmandy SkyLapse) would definitely work here -- at some cost.

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