Green mode to the max - What is an easy to use camera for the technologically challenged?

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Re: Green mode to the max - What is an easy to use camera for the technologically challenged?

What you're all missing is the OP's original request, that the camera be UNABLE to be set to anything other than Auto, to save confusion.

OP, if your Dad's been used to using disposable film cameras, then almost anything digital is going to cause problems, and give less than satisfactory results. The thing with disposable film cameras is that they have a fixed-focus lens, which means that there is no need for the user to stop and wait while the camera focuses - put it your eye, frame the scene, push the button. Kodak (or Fujifilm) do the rest. Many years ago, I bought my 2 nieces a Kodak digital camera each. I can't remember the model, but it had fixed focus, which was one of my criteria for buying - the girls were young, and I knew there was no way they'd ever stay still long enough for a low-level camera to find focus and take a picture. They loved the cameras, and made many interesting images with them. I've had a quick look through the database here, and I can't find a single fixed-focus camera in production, even among the real cheap brands. Which are junk, as I said.

There's also the question of how he actually feels about having to get used to new technology - not everyone is in a mad rush to change the way they do things. Unless he's actually asked for a digital camera, let him keep using the film ones; it's his comfort zone, and he's happy with the results. I would guess that he doesn't shoot a lot, so the financial penalty of film is offset by the familiarity of his tools. One benefit of film that is often overlooked is that with film, he's got an imaging sensor in his camera that is significantly larger than any new camera you are likely to buy, which gives him better photos than he's likely to get with a compact digital. And a look that is impossible to reproduce from a small sensor without a lot of work in Photoshop.

However, if he has asked to be dragged into the present day, there's not a lot of choice, sadly. Most of the lower specced digital cameras are, frankly, junk, and they won't make him happy, either in the way they handle or the long wait he has to take a photo.

If he wants or needs to go digital, he'll just have to learn some new tricks. That's progress  (and that was somewhat sardonic humour...). The other posters have given some excellent advice on suitable cameras, and I won't add to the list.

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