Nex 5N or Canon 60D for slide copying?

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Nex 5N or Canon 60D for slide copying?

First post. It's long. Sorry.

My ancient Kodak RFS 3600 scanner finally bit the dust. I don't want to buy another scanner.

I have a Nex 5N and a Canon EOS 60D, a big stack of slides, and an odd collection of lenses.

Many of the slides are 35mm, but some of the older slides were shot on 127 film, and because they're all old family shots, I want to preserve them.

I have a Canon FL Bellows and slide duplicator coming tomorrow, as well as an FL to Nex adapter. I bought the FL Bellows because it was dirt cheap. $20 for both it and the duplicator. The Novoflex bellows look great, but that's totally out of my budget.

I have a bunch of Leica M lenses from 7 years ago, when I shot my M6 a lot-- 21/2.8, 35/2, 50/2, all from ~2002, and an old 90/2.8 from the 60s. I got the Nex so I could finally use the M glass again, because nowadays I cannot afford anything Leica.

At all.

I also have an EF 50/1.8, and the 17-55/2.8 EF-S zoom for the 60D, and the kit lens that came with the Nex. None of these seems to be a good fit for the bellows.

So here are my questions:

1) Is there a not-too-difficult way mount the M lenses on the FL bellows?

2) I know that 1 is probably impossible, or at least Very Difficult. So if I want to make good slide copies of 127 slides and 35mm slides on either the Nex or the 60D, which both have crop sensors, what should I stick at the end of the bellows without spending too much? (I'm trying to balance between cheap and good.)

2a) Would an ordinary FD 50mm lens be okay since I already have the bellows, or should I get the macro?

2b) Would I be able to capture the 127 slides in 1 shot with a 50mm lens on a crop sensor on the bellows?

2c) If not, does that mean I something with a shorter focal length, say 30mm or shorter? How does that affect the optics of the whole thing?

I really like my 5N a lot, but I'm also considering just getting an FD->EF converter with removable glass, taking the glass out, and slapping the bellows on that instead so I can bracket more easily. (Using Magic Lantern.)

I know some of you have done something similar-ish, so I'd love to get some advice before I set fire to more money and buy more lenses.


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