Pentax Adapter Q for K-mount Lenses in stock.

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Ron. . .

Hi Ron,

I've already got a plan, and have most of the stuff to build it.

I'm going to use a plastic mirror placed in front of the onboard flash head at a 45° angle. This will totally block any forward light and reflect it up at a 90° angle. Then I'll have an adjustable angle bounce card that extends over the flash head to bounce the light forward and down.

I got the idea from the Demb Pop up Flip it that I recently got for my DSLRs (a very nice accessory BTW).

After trying just about all of the external flash modifiers out there, I settled on his original Flip it with diffuser panel a long time ago, and this is essentially a miniature of that, set up to work with a pop up flash. The Q flash is a totally different configuration, so I decided to make one that would fit it.

I picked up a couple of small plexiglass mirrors from the American Science Store for $1.50 ea, so all I need to do is cut them up, and figure out the best way to make a hinge for the bounce card.

Very good news about the adapter. I have a standing order at my local B&M camera store for the first one they get -- so far, they've been getting the run around from Pentax as to when they will be shipping it. It's okay if there's some delay, not exactly critter weather out there, so I've got lots of time to experiment before I really need it.


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