A few MM Pics (inspired by Gianluca's request)

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jeff hladun
jeff hladun Veteran Member • Posts: 3,160
Re: Here they are (hope you don't mind)...

Ashwin, these are great compositions with superb geometry. In series, the three images show a photographer with a continuous authorship, a unique style, a discerning eye. If you had only posted the image of the parrot and hands as a single image for the whole of the year, I'd have considered you an amazing photographer!

But, among the images you posted are some that really make me scratch my head. Specifically the basketball net, the water-fountain, the number tag on the pole. Why? What was your thinking behind them that would make you want to share them with us? The Monochrom post-processing is coming together - these images certainly show that - however try as I might, I just cannot understand or eke out much merit in them.

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