third party ink for epson 3880

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Re: Vernon, yes Epson pigment inks use some dye....

rpenmanparker wrote:

As a long veteran of the chemical industry I can tell you that MSDSs are not expected to contain specific formulation information, only the necessary safety information pertaining to the formulation(flammability, flash point, toxicity, precautions, remedies for exposure, exposure limits, other hazards, etc.). The sense of sanctity and economic importance of proprietary formulation information throughout all levels of the industry would never allow the disclosure of such information. The government knew better than to try to elicit such information on MSDSs.

I wouldn't say manufacturers squeeze by with the minimum they can get away with, but rather that they only provide what is expected and required by the government, which isn't all that much. It isn't perfect, but overall does constitute an important service to the marketplace. In short, one would never look on an MSDS for significant hints about formulation, especially not minor, non-hazardous ingredients.

What you mention in your post is basically the reason why I wondered why anyone would refer to (the link in one of the posts) as being a source for the DYE content and/or Formulation included in Epson 3880 Pigment Inks.  As I previously mentioned, we really don't know "how much of what" is in the OEM inks we purchase.  The same also applies to the NON OEM inks we use.....

Bob has covered the already existing testing of ink/papers.  Have you ever wondered why some of the NON OEM ink sellers have not already volunteered (their Donations) and their inks -- for testing and Publication.  My comment in one of my previous post is perhaps the real reason.

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