third party ink for epson 3880

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Re: Vernon, yes Epson pigment inks use some dye....

rpenmanparker wrote:

Then, who can qualify with certainty that the NON OEM inks are either better or worse than OEM inks.

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In a scientific investigation that would never be done by examination of a list of ingredients, but only by rigorous testing. Although the recipes are hidden from us, we certainly have the ability to perform the necessary tests, funds and other resources permitting.

I saw an offer in an earlier post in this thread for someone to add some Cone inks to an upcoming test in light of some available funds. It started me thinking: we could set up a sort of technical professional "society" with a responsible board of directors and dues going to a fund to finance testing. That way the burden wouldn't fall on any one person, and the results could be shared by all. Some of the testing might be within our own capability, but other could be supported by the fund at academic or even commercial laboratories. If you (plural) are really serious about this stability of aftermarket ink question...


Robert, I have done testing to my full satisfaction for the NON OEM inks that I chose to use and have been using them (for some Epson Printer Models) for several years.  The 3880 is my most recent Model and is in-process at this stage.

My opinion is -- it is the responsibility (both Financially and Quality assurance) of the Bulk (NON OEM) Ink Providing Companies to test and/or have tested their product to the extent they desire and needs to provide to the consumers in order to support the purchase of their inks.  Some may not want to reveal the Longevity Testing results due to it not being Favorable for their business and others will want the results to be open and known since this should build confidence of the Consumers and as a result to increase sales and Profits.

This is the beginning (or starting point) for ANY type inks whether OEM or non NON OEM.  This would not be the replacement for individual tests and/or combined consumer efforts as you have mentioned.  However, I don't believe we (all users of printer inks) should be the beginning and primary means for such tests.  WHY ???  We really don't need any more Companies placing the burden of being a "Test Pilot" for their product.  Does the word "Microsoft" ring any bells regarding this ??

Also, many are interested in factual results but NOT many are actually qualified (or equipped) for such tests.  Flawed or incomplete test results are (in my opinion) worse than NO tests at all.....  I expect that many have recognized the "specific" individuals (No Names mentioned) that provide quality information on these Forums and if not, (for those that haven't yet learned that) actually haven't read and reviewed the many posts that become the basis for determining such qualities.

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